Terabith is a digital publication, comprised of short stories about fantasy and mystery. Every few weeks, a new story will be published. It may follow the past week's story or be the start of a new series. 

The stories may not be 100% leaner as the publication itself is a work in progress. If you find the stories here enjoyable, then please take a moment and become a supporter. Your support will help encourage the development of new stories.

The Author

Misha Vinokur is the founder of Digital Confection, a creative web development studio specializing in building custom websites leveraging Drupal and WordPress.

Those who know him know writing, grammar, and spelling were never his strong suit and, at times, a massive obstacle to his educational development. But as a testament to the millions of others who may face the same challenge but want to write, is the reason he created this website to show that with enough patience and perseverance, just about anything is possible.

When he is not writing stories here, you can find him creating new t-shirt designs over at his shop OllyJolly, or improving his custom content management system TypeTote.